Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

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Help the Least of These depends on the support of generous people with a heart to help the extreme poor who are not being helped by anyone else. In this way we can continue to feed hungry people, house and feed orphans, furnish clean water, establish churches, teach business seminars and make micro capital available for beginning small businesses.

The donation you give is tax-deductible and guaranteed to be used in the focus area that you select from the list below.

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Checks can be made payable to Help the Least of These and mailed to:

18091 Via Bellamare Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33913

In the Memo, please specify which focus you would like your donation to go toward:


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Larry Smith, from Memphis, Tennessee, was involved in an accident causing a severe spinal cord injury. Larry and his wife, Cheryl Morgan, are integral parts of HTLOT, serving in Kenya on numerous occasions and partnering with the board to raise funds and awareness of our missions. Team Smith was formed to support their family with medical bills and home modification costs.


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